Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Nest Craft....

Today we spent the afternoon making some Springtime crafts. I found some fun ones on Pinterest and thought we could give it a try. It was fun making a mess just like back in Kindergarten. Except we didn't eat the glue today. I pulled out the supplies which I had on hand already...Easy as 1, 2, 3....

A bottle of school glue and a foam brush.

Brown lunch sacks, a bowl and plastic wrap...In my case it's foil  ( I didn't have any plastic wrap)...Still worked great. I pulled out the old paper shredder and let Freckles shred the bags into a box.

Don't forget you will also need a serious crafter like mine.

Okay...So, we lined the outer part of the bowl with foil...and started spreading on the glue and shredded papers...We then layer it with glue and more paper and more glue...It got a little sticky as we also used our hands to mush it all together.
Once the bowl was completely covered with paper and glue. We put it outside for the afternoon...about 1-2 hours in the sun worked for us til it was dry. We then carefully pulled the foil off the bowl with paper in tact. Now we had a paper bowl with foil inside. We left the foil there and filled the nest with some extra shredded paper and some of that paper shredded gift stuff you buy. We also added a few red paper scraps for color and pop. Lastly we added a sweet birdy we got from
 The Dollar Store craft section and a few vintage chenille peeps...

Voila...You now have a sweet Spring Nest.
You can fill yours with whatever your little heart desires...Easter eggs, candy...
whatever. It is totally cute and was totally fun and easy to make. Freckles gives it a five star rating.
Have a happy Spring Nest making day.

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