Sunday, April 1, 2012


Saturday my mom took my sister and I and Freckles out for lunch and shopping for our birthday's. We were like little girls again. My thoughtful sister surprised me with party hats and Happy Birthday glasses. We wore them the whole afternoon. Silly...perhaps embarrassing to some...But we didn't mind one bit. It was fun.
Look at this BIG tea cup my sis got me...Unfortunately it isn't really a cup (sigh), it's a planter.
 I love it no matter and will plant something in it soon.
Okay here we are being a bunch of goofs.
 If you are a Hunger Games fan you will get my finger sign.
The next picture is a little scary...We were enjoying our birthday ice cream courtesy of Red Robin...
And next thing I know my sister is flinging whip cream in my face, so I had to get her back....

What a fun memory I will always cherish with my girls.
Oh Happy Celebrating.


  1. Good Time Mica! And Happy Birthday. (belated) xxoo

  2. ♫♪happy birthday dear Mica♪♫happy birthday to you♪♫
    can you hear me singing?? if youre lucky you cant! lol! when we sing happy birthday at our house, every one sings as obnoxiously as they can. I dont know why.. its a bit painful really!
    anyways, I'm glad you had a such a fun day. YOu surely deserve it! I wish my mother was closer.. adn that we had a good relationship.. ahhh.. such is life though..
    love the pics with the birthday hats and glasses. Your sister sounds like a fun person!
    HOpe you have (or had) a delightful birthday!!

  3. Your birthday is the 10th right?
    Looks like you had a silly good time. Glad you could spend time with your Mother and Sister. Fun fun!!!!

  4. You look cute with cake on your nose!
    Okay I looked at my calendar wrong, I do have your birthday as the 13th! Wish I was there to celebrate with you.
    Love You

  5. Happy Happy Birthday too! Wow! March and April are busy happy months for you! I love the sweet book you made. So adorable. Nice catching up with you.

  6. Oh my goodness!! How did I miss so many special days! Happy Birthday my dear friend! It looks like you had a super fun day. LOVE the glasses! Looking forward to reading about all your adventures in the year ahead!