Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Painting Bug....

Sorry about the pictures being fuzzy, I wanted to post my finished project from this weekend but got home when the sun was going down to take pictures...So here ya go. Perhaps I can get some better photos later. This hutch was left to us from friends of ours...We use it in our formal dining room. I loved it...Though I did have plans to paint it a happy hue, it sat on the back burner for the last three years. I decided finally, it was time to get these projects finished up...Last week I painted our little kitchenette, made a list of what else I was going to checking it off. I decided to paint the hutch yellow, just as I painted my kitchenette table...which I love...and looks so cute with the blues, reds and whites I am going for. I forgot to take a before picture, but found an old one from a couple Christmas' ago. What a difference paint makes huh? This hutch will hopefully be used in our living room in our next home, all depending on the layout of the home. I have a kitchen china hutch I will also be painting for our future kitchen/dining.
We'll just have to see when that time comes.

I love the happy colors...
Makes me smile.


  1. I love the happy colours too!! Beautiful transformation! xxoo

  2. I love it!!!! I am color crazy and I love all of your different colors.