Saturday, November 10, 2012

Camera Bag...

hello everyone I'm still here...Just got over the flu, my daughter got over the stomach flu and our son is home. It has been a long, challenging week full of trials...More on that later. Before we went to Canada I realized, heck I don't have a camera bag to keep my camera safe while traveling and walking around. Next best thing was to create my own camera bag with scraps I had on hand. We are on a very tight, frugal I couldn't go out and buy one...
 I knew it had to be colorful of course.

I designed it on paper first, then made a pattern, sewed up a bunch of different fabrics, sewed it together and made a cardboard covered bottom for sturdiness and four plump little pillows for the inside which will keep my camera safe from bumps...a strap and Velcro closure were added and a big woolen heart.

It worked out great, not to mention it was original and cute with a bit of funky...It kept my camera dry and safe while walking around Toronto in the rain and it was snug as a bug while traveling. I love it...Next I will make myself a camera strap...I didn't have enough time before the trip...
Hope you have a sweet weekend.


  1. how stinking adorable that is! Better and 1000 times cuter then any you could have purchased!
    heard anything yet??
    happy weekend

  2. You are so creative. That is just darling. I use and old lunch bag. Not cute. So sorry you are sick. We have had the plague around here too. Feel better!

  3. Viv, thanks....Nothing yet , hopefully in the next couple weeks when they meet to decide....Keep the prayers going.Mica

  4. Elaine, thanks ....hope you all are feeling better as well...This stinks really being sick. Mica