Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top Ten Homemade Christmas Gifts For Tween Girls

This year will yet again be a very frugal Christmas for our family. I surfed Pinterest, Etsy and the web for gifts I could make my tween age daughter..Keeping in mind the things I already have on hand...Which means some of these items will just be pennies or free... and my time to create them. I searched for things I knew she would like, colorful, fun, needfuls and just because things.
 #1.The top picture are some adorable owl pillows...
Looks very simple to make. I have just the fabrics
for them already on hand. Yay!!!

#2. The past several years I have made all of us PJ pants...
I already have the pattern and some fabrics to work with.
 This one is a piece of cake. There are many free tutorials
 to make your own PJ pants if you want to try your hand at making some too.
They are really easy to stitch a pair together...
It has become our Christmas Eve Tradition...
We all wear them Christmas Eve night, then wake up and open
 presents while wearing them. So fun.
#3. My daughter has an i-pod which she could really use a protective case for when out and about...These cuties are made of felt and floss...I just so happen to have all that stuff too...Another very easy looking project I can conquer in a couple hours...or less. She will love this one...
An owl full of color...What's not to love?
#4. As my girl has been changing and growing the past couple of years. She makes an effort on her own to take better care of herself. She has some makeup which I have allowed on certain occasions, she love perfumes, hair pins, accessories and all that...This cleverly cute cosmetic bag would be great to hold her cosmetics, skin care items and whatever her heart desires to put in it. You can do so much with this project, using any fabric choices imaginable...
#5. These are the coolest things. Simple crochet round face scrubbies...You can use them over and over, use a cleanser to clean your face with...After using, toss them in the wash...I love re-usable needful things. I think she will enjoy these colorful scrubbies along with the next homemade item.

#6. A lovely DIY Natural Facial Cleanser...Easy to make and so much cheaper than natural products sold in stores. This will go well with the scrubbies. I think she's gonna love it. Look up www.diyNatural.com
And find the tutorial for making this cleanser.
#7. Yummy bath fizzies. Another easy tutorial found on Pinterest. Just search for bath fizzies and you will find the directions for them. My daughter loves to soak in a nice hot bath sometimes...These would be an added goody for that time spent in the tub relaxing...I will be sure to make all sorts of vibrant colors and use some fun molds that I have.
#8. For my daughters 12th birthday, she received a Kindle from her Grandparents. She also looked on the Internet for cases, yet none of them appeal to her. So I searched for a kindle case tutorial...And, found this...Oh my...totally up her alley. Again, lot's of colorful fun.
 Find the tutorial here.

#9. My daughter also received another gift for her birthday from her other Grandparents: A darling little vintage typewriter. She loves it and uses it almost everyday...She loves to write creative stories. I came across this shop called Lemon Tree Studio...I love this pillow and know my girl would love it too...But....It is not available and I don't have the $ to spend...So, I decided to take some inspiration from this sweet thing and make her one myself..Seems easy enough.

#10. Lastly. My kids have been watching all the newer Seasons of  Doctor Who...From BBC. My daughters fave Doctors are the Tenth and Eleventh...The Eleventh Doctor though, is her most favorite with his sidekick friends Amy Pond and Rory...So, I found these little finger puppets on Pinterest..No tutorial that I could find, but i am pretty sure I can create them from the picture. I have felt and thread waiting to be used. I also have a little rectangle pine box with a clasp which would make a great Tardis ( The Doctors Time machine) I am thinking of painting it and putting the puppets inside. Perfect. I think it will be a hit.
I hope you like some of these ideas...Now, what to do for my 18 year old son???
Man, it's hard to think what I could make, any ideas anyone?
Come back here on Wednesday I have a great Home Sweet Home Tour
from a very talented friend of mine. Your gonna love this home.


  1. Great gift ideas. I love the
    "Hello" pillow! I wish that I could sew!! Since my girls both love to play music, this year is pretty easy.. the oldest we bought a beautiful seat to match her harp and for the youngest we are shopping for a new guitar. I would like to make something for my mother in law but I am just not sure what yet!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. so much cute stuff!! your daughter would love any of that I am sure. boys are a whole different story arent they? music Cd's? you could make some with his favorites on it. laundry duffle bag? he travels.. how about a travel duffle? knitted hat and scarf? a crochetted throw?
    I know you'll come up with something wonderful.
    did you get my email about the ornie swap? send me your address my friend!
    xoxo and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Such cute ideas and I adore all the owls!! Wishing you a wonderful day!! xo Heather

  4. Cute ideas! I might have to borrow some of them for gifts for my 16 year old daughter! :)


  5. Those are some great ideals Mica....bet Freckles will be trilled come Christmas morning....Wishing your family a very blessed Thanksgiving Day.

  6. Lots of great ideas! I especially love the scrubbies - I can make those! I'll be tweeting :)

  7. Fezzes are cool! Bow ties are cool! These ideas are cool!