Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Have Company....

Cedric made it to California.
Who is Cedric you ask? Well, he originally came from Toronto, Canada
from my bloggy friend, Sandy's home. He was sent off on a
journey to travel the world a bit. So far, he has seen
 a lot, traveling to different states. Here is his itinerary. After his visit here..
He's off to Texas....Then to the U.K.
I am one to be I invited Cedric to stay with us. He got in early Friday morning. He was a bit jet lagged, so we showed him around the house, which we are in the midst of boxes from packing. Cedric didn't seem to mind. He is an out doorsy kind of guy anyway.
He was thrilled to find we had a vacancy in our
 Bird Hotel
But, before he went to bed for the night after his long flight and stay in a dark little box.
He hung out with some of the local GNOMIES. He felt right at home with these boy's around.
Until later, we will be showing him some sights and giving him a good time while here.

Glad you're here Cedric.
Come back again for some more adventures.
Happy Weekending.


  1. That gave me a smile this morning. Gotta love those gnomes!

  2. waving to cedric!! He visited here this past summer.. He is a terrific house guest.. easy to please, not messy and he doesnt eat much!
    have fun with him!

  3. You are such a fabulous Hostess! I'm sure Cedric felt right at home :) I just sent you an e-mail. Please e-mail me any more pix you may have taken. Thanks so much for welcoming him- even though you are in the midst of moving!

    Sandy xox