Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Thrill Of The Hunt...

Freckles and I have been out and about the past several weeks, hitting all the local thrift shops and neighboring towns shops in the search for little treasures. Some shops have been big flops. Yet, some shops have reaped little treasures. I am only bringing little things back at this time, since Mr. Darling advised no more big things until we move. So little things it is. I love the hunt however...It is thrilling to go into a shop and sift through every little corner, sort through every little pile, and dig through every shelf. Sometimes there are winners, sometimes we leave empty handed. But when we find a little something....
Our hearts go pitter patter. I know, it probably seems silly...But we enjoy it as a little past time hobby. My recent finds will all have homes very soon, as we finally have some good news to share. Mr.Darling has been called for a year internship, which will move forward into a church plant. More about that later next week, after we visit our new area and search for a place to call home.

Today we brought home this cute little naked Kewpie...And a sugar spoon. We also found this 5 lb. rice bag. Would be cute in our kitchen or made into a pillow...We'll see what happens with that.

We also grabbed this saltine cracker tin...I love the colors. I may just use this as a cracker tin. 
Makes sense, don't you think? I like using tins for what they were meant for. I wish they still made cool packaging like that with food....Nowadays it's just cheapo trash, nothing cute, nothing special. 
They just don't make anything like they used to.

I also found this large, plump velvet strawberry pin keep.
 It was just a couple bucks... 

We have also collected some sheets and pillow cases, a handy yellow mirror, a few children's books to add to my growing collection, some votive's and Pyrex. Will share some of that another time.

When we move, it's gonna be like Christmas.
 I can't wait to unpack and make a new home sweet home again. It will be mighty fine to be out on our own again, with a chance to have a whole new fresh start to our lives. My hubby will finally be doing what he loves, after the many years of schooling and Seminary.
 We are so excited to get back on our feet and do the Lord's work.
 Next phase: Home Hunting....That will be thrilling.


  1. Lovely finds!
    I am so happy that you now know where you are going to be living, I know that you will have a fun time decorating it with all your wonderful treasures!


  2. Can't wait to see your home....its going to be special...I'm sure of it! Love the things you girls found....I had a little thrift shopping spree myself today :) Blessings

  3. I am so excited for you and your family. Finally an answer to prayer!!