Saturday, November 2, 2013

Down By The Sea

Sorry for the absence. I have been struggling hard trying to rid of this flu/cold for the last several weeks. It has taken quite a toll on me mentally and physically. Last week we had a delightful visit with our son. He flew down from Washington for five days. Unfortunately my son got sick the second day of his visit, which he spent most of his time miserable with a fever and sore throat. Yet, we did manage to go out where we initially planned. I also mustered up some energy to clean, cook and venture out here and there. I felt like I was getting better, until the day they left to go home, I was hit again. My immune system must be really low, I ended up with whatever my son got, on top of what I already had. Okay, to be honest it wasn't the trip I envisioned for them. We weren't supposed to be sick for this. And at this point we don't know when we will get to see our son again, since he won't be coming for the holidays. ;(
I am quite upset inside about it, that my stomach turns. This whole, out on his own thing is still fresh in my heart. I am having troubles with letting go. Mind you, I have physically let him go, it is the emotional part that is struggling. Then there is the other part of me who is very pleased to see what young man he has become. He is going through a love struck moment with this beautiful girl and has become very independent. Which is very good, but very strange. To me it was only yesterday he was a little boy with scattered Lego's and action figures strung to and fro. I just don't know quite where to put these feelings right now. To be honest, I felt a little ripped off when he got sick here. There was a whole day he had to lye in bed with a fever and he was not well enough to visit much at all. I know it certainly was not his fault for coming down with it. But, in my mind it was supposed to be our time together... Then I have to kick myself and thank God for the time we did have after all. I was able to doctor him up. I made sure he had his medicine, I made sure he was eating and drinking, I would go in and check his fever and wipe his brow,  just like when he was a little boy. This perhaps may have been one of the last times I will be able care for him like that before he moves on his own, who will care for him when he's sick. So yes, I was blessed to be able to that for him while he was here. 
Okay, I can go on and on rambling my woe's. Let's move onto the the blessings. His visit, all in all...Was truly a blessing. I will hold it dear to my heart. My kids were back together for the moment, We had a couple nice trips down by the sea. One afternoon we went to Monterey Bay and Carmel By The Sea. 

We walked around, took in the sights, had a lovely
little picnic on the shore and goofed around in the
spectacular twisty trees on the beach. It was fun.

Thank God for cameras. I will forever get to visually
remember these sweet, happy times.
More to come in another post.
 Our visit to San Francisco.

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  1. wonderful pictures and really really cute couple! too bad he was sick while he was there, but I like that you found a way to count it as a blessing regardless. vince's girlfriend is beautiful! How does freckles feel about sharing her brother? sometimes thats a little hard. Hope youre feeling better now my friend!
    Ive been putting halloween away all day... I.. have.. too... much!
    now its time to get ready for thanksgiving and I only have one bin thank God!
    have a wonderful sunday Mica!