Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Past With My Children

Every year I go back and look through our Christmas pictures with our kids. There are so many more that I have and not posting....There is a whole six years of Christmas with our son before our daughter came into our lives. Tons of pictures in photo boxes and scrap books. Looking through them brings back all the wonderful memories and beautiful Christmas's we have had together. Remembering back to our many traditions that we built through the years. I love seeing the wonder in my children's eyes...Seeing the gifts we gave to them, but mostly pondering on the biggest gift we could ever give to our children. The most indescribable gift of all time is God sending His son, Jesus into this world. Every year we focus on The birth of Christ, and the gift He gave through His blood.
 That is the main focus we have instilled in our children's heart.
With that....I am grateful to God for His gift...For the gift of my wonderful husband
 and children and the people who care for us as well as those we care for in return.
These pictures are snippets of the past. My children, growing before my eyes.
 They are treasured keepsakes.

Memories I treasure deep in my heart.

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  1. Brought a tear to my eye
    I miss you guys soooo much