Monday, December 2, 2013

Decking Our Halls...Merry Christmas Home Sweet Holiday Home Tour Part 1

I have been clearing the rooms and bringing in Christmas this last week. Before Thanksgiving I cleared out the Pyrex and collections from the hutch in my dining room and started bringing in my Santa mugs and Santa figurines. Then on Black Friday, Freckles and I ventured out and got the white Christmas tree I have been wanting....And it just so happened to be on sale for $27. We pulled out the decorations, put on some Christmas tunes and decorated till we couldn't fit any more in it.

Freckles drew a sweet little scene on the chalk board above. I love it.
Then added some vintage goodies on top of my recent curbside treasure. Oh I almost forgot to share our new tree topper. Target had this awesome colorful, vintage style topper...Oh my...It had to come home with us this year.....And it matches the tree. You don't even know how excited we are this year to have Christmas. Last year we were in between no home and living with family, as our house was packed up and put into storage, we didn't have our own Christmas in our place. It was different for sure. Not decorating our tree like we do or even celebrating like we normally would with our special traditions were very much missing. So opening our Christmas boxes is like opening up Christmas presents. Christmas is hands down my favorite time of year. Will share more on Christmas thoughts and traditions in coming posts.

Before I go on, let me introduce you to the newest Elf on the block.
 Meet Elwyn Elf
Elwyn is used chiefly in the English language, and it is derived from Old English, Germanic, and Welsh origins. Meaning Elf Friend. Gotta watch out for this silly guy this Christmas season. He is quite the class clown and a bit of a prankster.

On to the rest of the decor in my dining area. Almost all of the Christmas decor you see is vintage and found in thrift shops, occasionally found at Garage sales and a few from antique stores. I really love and am drawn to happy retro, vintage Christmas goodies. Every year I will go from thrift shop to thrift shop in a hunt for such Christmas things. One: is that it's quite inexpensive, and it is unique in many ways. You don't find this sort of decorating in most homes...And I love being different from everyone I know, because well....I am different. lol. I really just adore the bold look and the many fun characters I find. 

Like the Santa's I collect. I have a bunch of old, vintage Santa mugs mixed with a handful of newer ones. Vintage Santa figurines and Santa dolls which I will share more in the next post. Each Santa has a different face or pose...silly and sweet. I just adore them to pieces. I have a thing for adopting old men with white beards. What can I say. ;)

MMMMMM... I told you Elwyn Elf was a funny guy.
Here he is with cheerios on his eyes. Gotta watch this one...He's cleaver.
Thanks for stopping in. Be sure to check back in to see more Christmas decor in my home.
 Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have decorating it.


  1. Such cute Christmas fun...blessings on your week sweet friend

  2. I love all your bright, colorful, vintage Christmas decor!
    I am working on getting up our decor today...and guess what? We are getting a little snow here in the Northwest! :D


  3. That is a lot of work but it looks terrific.

  4. i love your christmas decor Mica! soo cute!