Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013


Dear 2013,
It was a rocky beginning when you arrived. We were pulled up by our roots and placed in dry places, where a whirlwind of troubles, anxieties and hurt seemed to steamroll us. Though you may have thought you won... It was God who pulled us back out from the depths of what seemed to us as despair. The second half of the year 2013 began to look a bit brighter for all of us. With prayer and faith we were placed in a better place, a place where we were freed from most of our worries. Where healing was taking place. We saw our son off as he flew from our nest into his own and now sharing it with someone special. It still is not easy, but we go on. We moved into a new area with work for Mr. Darling in the Ministry, we have seen growth in Freckles, we have been blessed by much. The months have flown by so fast...We didn't have time to blink. It is hard to see you go so quickly, yet it will be good to put you behind us and move forward with 2014. We pray that 2014 will be good to us, we hope to slow down in many ways, to make plans for our future, to make a home sweet home in which we can stay a while, and fulfill some of our dreams in which we held within us. We anticipate a lot of goings on and much change and growth as this new year arrives...We are ready for whatever will be thrown at us, knowing the path will not always be smooth, surely we will run into some rough roads and roller coaster rides. But with our faith and God by our side, we will persevere whatever this new year tries to throw at us. So now we bid you farewell old friend, we will never see you again...
But will have some photos and memories of times we spent with you.
Goodbye 2013

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