Friday, December 6, 2013

St. Nicks Day & Our Silly Elf Shenanigans

Keeping up with our family traditions, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day with our daughter. We adopted this sweet tradition when the kids were much younger. Many years back I found the little red Dutch shoes to use for the occasion. This year, it's just our daughter. I filled  St. Nick filled her shoe with chocolate goodies, which she found on the hearth in the morning. I love the tradition and will keep it or as long as possible.

This year we also adopted the Elf on the shelf tradition. It's not the Elf that you buy under the Name Elf on The Shelf. I actually don't think he is cute. I love the Elves that look like the old vintage ones from a long time ago. They are being reproduced...I love their aces so much more. I found our elf at a local craft shop. I knew this guy would be the one that we would bring home and allow to play a few pranks and play around a bit. He has been quite busy this last week. Here are some recent scenes, just to give you an idea of all the shenanigans he pulls off. Above....He was trying to balance a marshmallow on his pointy nose. After many tries and a big mess later, he accomplished his task at hand. I just so happened to catch the moment as he did a happy dance with the billowy goodness atop his nose.

Then one night I came out to get a drink of water and there he was at the table with Jolly St. Nick himself. They were arm wrestling..... I think Elwyn Elf won. Don't judge one by his size. He can pack a lot of power.

He has been found in my dining room riding my toys.
He was playing Farmer Elf...riding a tractor.

Then he surprised us all....Especially Missy Loo Loo when he jumped on her back. He thought the poor girl was his own personal horse. This did not go well in his favor. He was bucked off as quick as he hopped on her. I hope he learned his lesson this time.
More to come.
Hope you all are enjoying some fun traditions with your kids or loved ones.
 Don't forget to slow down sometime this Christmas season and just have fun.


  1. I should do this. I wonder how long it would take for jeff (hubby) to catch on that we have a elf moving around the house!

  2. I love your elf pix! You sure can post my holiday home pix :)