Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fun Friday Night

After a long week of being cooped up in the house, we decided we would get out a bit for a little fun, even if it was just window shopping downtown. We picked up Mr. Darling from the church and went to downtown Campbell. There are a few shops we frequent when going there. First we hit the Bookstore. Where Freckles found a book of course.

Next stop we went to Therapy. Therapy is a funky shop where you will find off the wall gifts, home decor, stuff and clothing. We love that it is different and some of their stuff is CUTE!!!

I may have to go back to get this fun mug for Freckles. She is my book lover! Even Mr. Darling found something he liked..... Little Moleskin journals. See the joy on that mans face? Priceless!!!

Then we went into a tea shop...OMGosh it was heavenly...The smells of all the loose teas... We even tested out a lovely iced tea the shop owner infused for us. Yummy!
Last stop we went into a vintage/retro shop called 23 Skidoo.

After walking around town, we picked up some dinner and headed home. It was great to get out together, it seems like we don't get to do that often, just the three of us since Mr. Darling is busy a lot. It just made it all the better that we were together. 
It was a fun Friday Night with my peeps.

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