Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Missy Girl

Our Missy girl has been with us for seven years now. We saved her from a shelter in Washington. She was about two when she was adopted into our home. We searched far and wide through the place for the perfect dog and couldn't find what we wanted...But something pulled us back that day to go through all the cages again. And there she was sitting on a little blanket, with her droopy ears and spunky personality. We were not sure how we missed her the first time round...But thankful we went back. She blended into our home as if she was always with us. She was meant to be for Freckles since at the time our son had his dog. A year after we had her with us our son's dog passed away. Missy Girl has always been a fun loving, playful girl, always by our daughters side. We can't imagine our family without her. These little critters become a family member for life. Thankfully she has also been a very healthy girl. We have never had to take her to the vet for illness. Still to this day she is as playful as the day we got her. Energy pours out from her well tempered spirit. She is precious. I needed a model to try to learn the camera my son sent me. Trying to get a hang of all the gadgets and doo hickeys. I just have to work on getting a clearer pic without blurring too much. Missy Girl was a sweet model. Her personality shines through the lens. We just love this dog!

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  1. Great pictures of Missy...what a sweet dog!