Thursday, May 14, 2015

Teachers Gifts~ Under $5.00

Well it's that time of year...School is coming to an end. This was Freckle's first year doing part time home school in a class room setting at a Classical Christian School. It was a great experience in which we have decided to go ahead and enter her next year for her High School years. This year she was blessed with some really great teachers. We thought a little token of our appreciation to end the school year was to put together some gifts for each teacher. We wanted our gifts to be fun yet frugal...Since we were buying for five teachers, it can add up. We went to The Dollar Store for this project. We were thrilled to find these clear tumblers with lids and straws....We then thought to fill them up with some goodies and candy. We picked up a package of cute ball point pens, paper pads, sticky note pads, colorful paper clips, glow sticks, gum, M&M's and Smarties. 

We picked out something a little different for her Physical Ed teacher knowing that she is health conscious...We didn't want to put a bunch of candy in the tumbler...We wanted to pamper her with some nail polish and nail manicure goodies. Perfect!

We bought 5 tumblers for $1 each
A package of 4 sticky note pads for $1
A package of note books for $1
2 packages of Smarties candy for $1
4 pack of Trident Gum for $1
4 containers of M&M's at .89 cents each
A pack of 4 cute ball point pens for $1
2 nail polishes for $1 each
A package of  4 butterfly nail files for $1
A package of nail manicure kit stuff for $1
A pack of 4 glow sticks for $1
I had the little chalk board labels in my craft stash at home

After dividing everything up and filling five tumblers.
 I estimated the cost of each filled tumbler at $5.00 or less.

We tied on a little tag for each teacher. It looks cute! 
And everything inside is useful.
Hopefully these will bring a happy smile to their face!
It was an awesome year!!!

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  1. What a great ideal. They turned out cute. Thank the Lord for our local Dollar Tree ;) Hugs