Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Kind Of Summer

My kind of Summer is kicking back and being lazy with my favorite people, having little adventures, and scouring thrift shops for goodies. Our Summer has seemed long...But it has been a great break from driving back and forth to school. Freckles is so ready and has declared on many occasions that she wished school was back in session. She loves school!!! It's been great for her and she misses her friends! Our last big hurrah will be her 15th birthday party coming up at the end of this week. Then we start planning the school year and the plan for the year 
which includes our health and getting into a rhythm after vacation.

It has been a good Summer even with the rough start we had after having to save another human being from near death...which caused a lot of stress to us mentally and physically. the news of a horrific accident my FIL endured after our wonderful visit with my in laws...Thank God he was sparred by being killed in his truck. After the stress of that, our Summer became relaxed... We have had some fun and have enjoyed each other. It is such a blessing. Looking forward to the next season and await what God has in store for us.

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