Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Franny In Her Feed Sack Frock

I am so excited! I made a doll....After a very long hiatus...I actually got the courage up to make a doll again. I made her especially for the County Fair in my area which will be in just a couple weeks. I dropped her off along with 6 jams I made over the Summer. We shall see if I get a ribbon for anything. Even if I don't win...That's alright too! It was fun to finally accomplish a piece of art. And has refreshed me to want to do more projects. I wanted this doll to represent my quirky side....Franny is funny and quite colorful wearing real vintage feed sack fabrics from the 30's~40's...
I am really happy with how she turned out! 


  1. She is so unique and cute as a button. Job well done my Daughter. She will win the blue ribbon no doubt!

  2. I love her and I love you! I am so excited that you entered her and Jam in the Fair! Amazing!!!!!! This is so cool and so courageous! I can't wait to hear the results!

  3. I absolutey love her she's fantastic Mica. Hoping she brings you home a ribbon xx