Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Watercolor~Sketches Days 9~14

I have been having so much fun challenging myself to keep up with this October sketch challenge I joined up with. Each day I have to draw/sketch a picture from a word prompt. 
So far I am keeping up and lovin' it!!!
My Day 9 sketch  
I drew up this sweet piggy in some hay...
What would hay be without a cute pig eh???

Day 10
This is so far one of my favorite sketches. 
If I could find me some boots like this...
I would so wear them with a dress!

Day 11

I went outside the box on this one, while everyone doing the challenge is sketching yummy apples and baskets etc... I drew an oldie but goody...
A Vintage 70's Fisher Price toy from my childhood days.

Day 12

What screams more warm and cozy than a scene out in the woods cuddled up with the love of your life bundled up in coats, scarves, hats and afghans next to a crackling fire. Now that is cozy y'all!!!

Day 13
I gave this one to Mr. Darling...He loved it!!!

DAY 14

I did this sweet little vintage owl figurine for this word prompt. The funny thing is, my daughter was just asking if I would sketch and paint an owl for her...Just so happens that owl was my next word to sketch. So of course I did this piece especially for my girl.
More to come!!!!

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