Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Teatime Tuesday~Gearing Up For Thanksgiving

Happy Tuesday!!!
Happy November!!!

Time is flying by like a storm these days. Here in our parts we have been blessed with cooler weather and rain this week! It's always exciting when we get rain and cool weather after having such a long dry, hot season. Today I enjoyed a nice bowl of oatmeal with tea and cream. I also rearranged some of my decor and brought out a few of our Thanksgiving decorations to cozy up the place. I am also gearing up for Thanksgiving. Looks like it will be just the three of us again this year...Which I love! There's no one more I'd want to spend the holidays with than my dear Mr. Darling and Freckles. We would love it if our boy could be with us too...But just not enough time off for him and his job. We miss him very much! But also grateful he will have his girl with him to spend the holidays with and he could also spend it with his grandparents if he wanted.

No matter, our Thanksgiving will be splendid!

I brought out my wooden pilgrims...They are near and dear to my heart. I made and painted them many years ago when our son was about two years old...I was in a MOPS group through church and this was a project we made together. They have adorned our 
Thanksgiving table for almost 20 years now!
I can't believe it has been that long ago...It really blows my mind!
They will be with us for the remainder of our days for sure. I envision us around the Thanksgiving table old and gray with our children and their spouses and our grandchildren with these wooden pilgrims there. That would be so cool.

I made a little collage of some of my favorite chick flick films for ya! Many of them are great tear jerkers. I love a good lighthearted movie or a sweet romance. Since Autumn is the perfect time to cuddle up in a quilt and watch a flick with a nice hot cup of cocoa and caramel popcorn...I thought I'd start you off with a few of my favorite suggestions. Enjoy!

And.....I found these sweet Thankful cards on Pinterest...In which I am planning to use for our Thanksgiving....Thought I'd share with you. You can print them out and hand them out to your family members, have them write down what they are thankful for and share them around the Thanksgiving table. It's a nice way to share what your thankful for and have a bit of conversation together. Making memories and making new traditions is a good thing!
Thanks for popping in today! 
have a delightful week ahead!!!

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  1. I wish we could spend Thanksgiving together :( We will be alone again this year.
    Miss the Thanksgiving dinners and get togethers we used to have at Great Grandmas house when i was a child.
    All the Aunts and Uncles and Cousins would come and then we would draw names after dinner for Christmas Gifts to exchange at the Christmas dinner at Great Grandmas.
    Special memories.
    Love you