Monday, July 9, 2007

Our Year Book....

As Home schoolers, there are many creative ways to make a special Year book. I recently went to and uploaded all of our pictures from the School year, all the fieldtrips, projects the kid's made, their friends and past times... and made a book. I was able to pick my pages, drag in the photos I wanted, add personal text and voile!!! we made a special Year book just for them to cherish.

This was a delightful way to capture who they are personally. The shipping only took two days from the day I made it. Once I recieved the books.. I embellished them further with school empherma, which made each of my childs books even more special and customized just for them. And.. they loved it too !!!

Here is a year that binds.....our memories.

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  1. That is so cool! I've often thought that I'd do such things once we have kids. iPhoto from Apple does that as well, where you can upload your photos and get a book back. I think it's really sweet.