Thursday, August 2, 2007

Home School Open House 2007

I found this lovely Home Schooler Blog the other day and was excited to see she was having a fun Home School Open House. Her name is Tiany from Less Of Me -More Of Him.
Many other Home Schoolers are also participating in this and sharing their Home School lives. It is so encouraging to find all these wonderful families that are Home Schooling too! Here is a little about us and our journey....and so much more coming soon.

Welcome to The Garbarino Home School from The Great North West. This will be our 8th Year of Home Schooling or Son, 13 and Daughter, 7. We started Home Schooling using Abeka. Since we were new at the time, I wanted to see what else was out there. It is very overwhelming to find that there are so many curriculum's. We used Sonlight one year, which burned me out by the end of that year I wanted to throw in the towel. But by the grace of God, steady prayer and my husbands encouragement we persevered. One year I just put together our own curriculum using various Christian books and the Library. I found that just didn't cut it. I just wasn't disciplined or organized enough to make it work. So we went to Christian Liberty. This one was a winner in our house hold !!!

We were very happy with the results...and our Son liked it too!!! This year we will be using it again for our son . Last year we have been using The Charlotte Mason Method, Little House Curriculum and American Girls for our Daughter and will continue again this year. She loves to learn through the history of other girls like her. Though both my children love to learn Hands On.

They have kept a Nature Notebook

They experienced the wonders of God's Creation right before their eyes.

Our Son has learned to build things

Our Daughter has learned to sew.

They both enjoy working in the Kitchen. Our Daughter loves to put on her apron and cook new things.

They both have enjoyed Arts and Crafts. A lot of work has been done at the Kitchen table.

And Family devotions and Bible Studies. My husband and our Son have studied through various parts of the Bible together. A wonderful place to be is on our back deck, on a lovely warm day.

They have also been learning The Westminster Shorter Catechisim.

As far as languages they are learning Latin through Rosetta Stone and Italian

Our purpose.....To raise Godly Children to become Godly Men and Women for the Glory of God.


  1. Mica! Wow, I didn't know you were homeschoolers, how neat! We are homeschooling our youngest 3. My eldest daughter is in private Christian high school, and my two others are special needs and so accustomed to the 'system'. We also have a very hard time with one, our son, so they will remain in school (4th and 6th grade). Not quite what I had in mind, but what really is?!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and I'm so excited you joined in the open house. It was great to get to peek into your homeschool, you have such a lovely family. I will definitely be back!!


  2. Thanks for welcoming us into your open house!!


  3. This is a wonderful delightful blog! This is my first "official" year of homeschooling my daughter and I am SO excited about it. I was thinking of purchasing Sonlight - is it as daunting as it seems? I will look into the little house curriculum! I will be following this wonderful blog. Maybe you can write about how you organize yoursel and find time to create and HS!

  4. Hey, do you think Bri has some recipes she'd like to share for our cookbook? I'd love some from kids since we're making it for kids in a way.