Monday, August 13, 2007

Nature Studies Begin......

If we give our children regular opportunities to get in touch with God's creation, a habit is formed which will be a source of delight throughout their lives.

Last year we started using The Gentle Art of Learning, The Charlotte Mason

method. We started doing the Nature Study, keeping a Nature journal of God's little creatures and great creations.

This year we will be doing the same, except we will be doing much more of it than last year. Miss Bri and I started our Nature Journal today. We drew pictures of all the critters that are a nuicense in our very own garden. Miss Bri will add color to her notebook later.

(Bri's Nature Journal Notebook)

I will be keeping a journal myself to do with the children in hopes that it will encourage the creative juices even further. Bri loves it when we are drawing together.

(My Nature journal Notebook)

Morning has broken

like a river glorius

for the beauty of the earth

fairest Lord Jesus

His eye is on the Sparrow

all things bright and beautiful

joyful, joyful , we adore Thee

all creatures of our God and King.


  1. How beautiful your journals are - we are going to start this very same thing. :-)I love your bird collage.

  2. Your nature journals are all are very talented! I love your bird collage too!