Thursday, August 16, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

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In 1866, my husband's Great, Great Grandfather Louis Belshe Garbarino immigrated from Monte Bruno, Italy, settling in Golden City, Colorado. He came over with his brothers and became very well known business men in the area. They opened Saloons,Restaurants, Hotels and Billiards. Louis Garbarino is pictured here as a young man sitting in a chair on the right hand side. Notice funny embellishment, my husband's dad added into the picture?? Look on desk.

Louis married Elizabeth of St. Louis in the 1870's where they settled in Boulder, Colorado. They had three children. During this time Louis aquired this beautiful Silver Tea Service dated 1872.

This piece has been in the Garbarino family ever since. My husband's father, Charles gave it to us several years ago and we will give it to our Son when he gets married someday. Louis Garbarino's name is beautifully engraved in the silver.

It is a gorgeous piece, I cannot even begin to tell what amazing details that are on it. It has a white enamel inside. The pot also comes off of the base in which it sits. We feel blessed to have such a piece of family History to hand down to our Son... and maybe he will have a Son to give it to. Louis Garbarino passed away in February of 1895.

There is so much Garbarino history in Colorado. I wouldn't be able to tell it all here. But... If you are ever in Boulder, visit Pearl Street. The old buldings in which Louis' Saloon stood, still stands reconstructed but... still there. You will also find the L. Garbarino Building in Boulder.


  1. What a fascinating family history you have - and there is so much of it that has obviously been recorded for posterity. Well done!

  2. I LIVED in Colorado!! For over 40 years!!! So I know the areas you're talking about with vivid memories...Ahhhhhhh, Pearl Street!! And the Colorado Buffaloes!! I also know Golden ---Yummy Coors. And the mountains?!! Those beautifully mountains around Boulder! What what a trip down memory lane for me!!

    Gorgeous silver...and a great show and tell.

    Mine's posted too, come by, won't you?

  3. What a wonderful treasure!

    I could tell what had been added in the picture, but couldn't make out what it was. It looks kind of like a DVD player.

  4. Oh, wow! That is an amazing treasure to have! The details are just wonderful!

  5. How great that you know so much of your family history!

    Great treasures! Love the computer in the photo! LOL!

  6. The first photo made me giggle:)


  7. The tea service is beautiful! It reminds me of the Russian Samovars we have in our family.

    What great history you have!

  8. Wow, how neat to have such exciting and interesting family history!! I LOVE it!


  9. What a gorgeous and different piece of silver. Such a treasure! I really enjoyed hearing about Louis. And your FIL must be a fun guy~love the computer on the desk. LOL I'd love to visit Boulder some day.

  10. My stepgrandmother was Rose--who was married to Charles--do you have any info about them???What an interesting story---I loved it. Would love hearing from or address Jo Fisher
    314 n. 10th st. Indianola, Iowa 50125 Rose married Joseph Parker after Charles died...