Monday, September 3, 2007

Frugal Fall Fashions

When your on a budget, yet you like a little fashion, you most certainly don't have to break the bank to look femenine. Believe it or not... I shop at Thrift Shoppes. I know what I like and I hunt it down. Great prices and classy style...and I can inter-change my wardrobe for a slightly different look.

Brown woolen sweater coat over creamy sweater, plaid skirt and brooch

Plaid Vintage long coat, floral top and black cord skirt.

Plaid soft button up sweater with red cotton skirt.

Dark brown velvet coat with floral long sleeve top with plaid skirt.
Floral dress under a long black vevet coat.
This wardrobe for Fall cost less than $ 50.00. I even found two pairs of classy oxford heeled shoes.

Not bad huh ???

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  1. Wow, what a very nice wardrobe and such a nice price. I love the vintage coat!

  2. *Love* your thrift shop finds! Enjoy your new wardrobe.

    I'm enjoying your blog...I'm still trying to get to all the homeschool open house entries. :)

  3. WOW what thrift store do you go to??? I'd love to accompany you one day...what a bunch of treasures!! I'm a thrifter myself, too ;)