Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Making Miniatures and Memories

Over the past couple years we have collected miniature dolly items for Miss Bri. She loves to play with the Victorian dollies with them. She pretends they are at school and that they are writing letters to one another.

They have tea parties with the Mini American Girl dolls as well. We made the dolls mini books today by finding pictures of Victorian books on the web... we then printed them wallet size and folded them in half. Miss Bri loved the idea so much, she has played all day with them.


We have also started a scrapbook for her, in an old Photograph book. We added treasured pictures of her and her Secret Sisters, old photos of her and Victorian girls. Pictures she has made and pockets to put momentos in.

Our dear little Maiden will always have these memories to cherish through her life. That is truly a gift. Treasure these mments dear friends, use your creativity.....Make memories together.

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  1. What a wonderful scrapbook! Playtime with the Victorian dolls sounds like so much fun, they are beautiful!
    I'm glad that you like our new magazine, thank you for your sweet comment!