Thursday, October 18, 2007

Show & Tell Friday...Victorian Goodies......

Welcome !!! Kelli from There Is No Place Like Home hosts a lovely Show & Tell every Friday !!!! Come join in the fun and see what everyone is sharing this week.

I would like to share my newest find !!! this is a beautiful painting of a Victorian girl, which has melted my heart the first time I layed my eyes on it. It so reminds me of my little girl with her big brown eyes, chubby cheeks and golden brown curly locks !!! I still have to find a suitable frame to show her off. Isn't it just delightful ????

Also, wanted to share our newest venture...... I am building this sweet Victorian Cottage for my little girl, still a lot of work to be done on it. When I finish the inside and the shingle roof.. I will share this again. Thanks so much for stopping in. Have a blessed day !!!!


  1. Very pretty! The house will be so beautiful when all finished I know your daughter will love it. I love the picture too~

  2. The little girl looks adorable indeed and I absolutely love the Victorian house you are working on! I looks great and I am sure it will look even greater once you'll have finished it!

    Best wishes, Anita

  3. OMG! YOU'RE building this yourself? I am truly in awe. [adorable painting too!] ---but oh that house, I'm speechless.

  4. We did a huge doll house for our granddaughter when she was a child. She is now 21!! They are a LOT of work!!! and filled with love!!!!

  5. This is so neat. THanks for sharing.

  6. I've always wanted a dollhouse! I'll be looking forward to pictures of it as it comes along. The print is lovely, too.

  7. I love that picture! She is so darling! Is it painted? It is truly beautiful.

    I am very impressed that you are making the doll house, it is so cute. I have all boys, so never got to do such things, but I'm hoping for a grandaughter one of these days!

    Hugs! Sharon

  8. That picture of the little girl is truly delightful...if only the picture could talk so that she could tell you who she is:-) Oh my, that Victorian house you're building is amazing!! xo

  9. Tis a lovely painting..
    and the house is a treasure!!
    thanks for sharing, Deena

  10. I love the picture of the little girl, very inocent looking.

    What a fun project to do for your little girl. I am sure she will always remember her mommy making that for her! So far it looks very beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)