Monday, October 22, 2007

American Girl Party..Release of Julie Albright

Miss Bri and I went to our local Book Shoppe where they were having an American Girl party to reveal the new books and dolls on a 70's character named Julie. The girls were to come dressed in one of the period fashions.

We chose Felicity.. from the Colonial Era, since that is what we are studying. I made Miss Bri a Colonial Dress just for the occasion.

here are just a couple of the girls that Bri hung out with as they are holding their American Girl Dolls.

there was a drawing for the new mini doll, Julie, and......Miss Bri's name was drawn. Yay!!!!
We have really enjoyed all the books historical fiction books that American Girl has to offer, up to now... my personal feelings on this new character is well, very dissapointed. the story is of a girl living in San fransico , her parents are divorced and she is a free spirited activist, seeking to change the world, since her world was changed so much by her parents divorce.
Is this what our young Maidens need ??? I think not. I really don't think this was a good move for American Girl to make. This is not the message I want to send out to my daughter or to the girls in this Country . So ....., there were people like that in the 70's... but not all of us think that is or was a role model... I certainly don't feel this is the proper roll model for my own daughter.
Maybe next time they will continue on the path that they were... good, wholesome roll models for EVERYONE to enjoy and learn about !!! So ,we won't purchase these Julie books for our personal library.. we will continue to enjoy the old ones. I hate hidden agendas.


  1. What a bummer that the character was a dud. At least the girls had a fun party. Maybe Bri can use her prize to make up different stories of a better character.

  2. What a disapointment about the 70's character!

    I had the Kirstin doll growing up. And I really liked Felicity. But then they started to get too modern with alot of their things.

    Sounds like she had a goood time anyway!

  3. I have to agree. The new character is a huge disappointment, that's a shame.