Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Christmas Tree...

Every year our children decorate the Christmas Tree. They have ornaments from family members and their handmade treaures from since they were wee ones. This is a special occasion.We play Christmas music, put up the lights and let them go at it.
This is our Tree !!!

I personally like the handmade ones, as well as vintage decrations. Call me simple I guess. Every year the kid's make their very own ornament. When they grow up. That will be their first Christmas gift to them when they get married... their childhood ornaments. well, I may keep a few myself of course.

And, here are the daughter loves playing with these guys. She plays The Nutcracker story along with her fairie dolls and barbie. I really enjoy these moments.


  1. Beautiful Tree. That is the kind of tree that I like myself. White lights with meaningful ornaments. :)

  2. I am cracking up because Donovan also LOVES nutcrackers and has since he was very little, Also Donovan and Bree look so alike when they are sleeping, If feels so wonderful to see the connection from so far away,

    Give your babies a big hug and a kiss from their Auntie


  3. Sweet pictures!
    I LOVE your hand made ornaments too! I'll add to your collection. I have so many straw Czech ornaments I just have to share. I have them on two trees in my house and still don't have them all up! My mom is a bit Christmas obsessed, and I got all these from my grandma.
    I love the little doll ornaments, is she Latvian?

  4. Your tree is just lovely! We are putting ours up this coming Tuesday, we love looking through the ornaments of years past. The simple homemade ones are my favorites too!