Thursday, November 29, 2007

Show & Tell Friday...Miss Bri's Victorian Nursery

Welcome to Show & Tell Friday ,
This week I wanted to share with you, my daughters Victorian Nursery.

This is her special place to Dream and play.. to be a little girl forever and never grow up. This is the place where she slumbers and continues in her dreams of childhood things.
We found the 100 year old antique bed last year. She loves it. Her Grandpa John, built her a pink trunk that holds all her dress up things.

This is an antique bureua her Gramma Colleen gave her, which was in her family for many years.

As you see, Miss Bri loves dolls. We have been collectiing antique dolls now for the last several

Remember the Victorian Cottage Doll House ??? We are still working on it... but it is finally getting there. We papered the walls and got a little bit of furniture.

And what's a Victorian Nursery without books too ??

These are the lovely antique reproductions of Victorian paper dolls and books. They are beautifully illustrated.

And these sweet books are the real thing dating from the 1800's. They are delightful, yet very fragile.

There are plenty of cozy spots to read a book here.

Don't you just LOVE her child size chaise lounge ???
Annie thinks it is very comfy and cozy !!!
I hope you enjoyed her precious nursery.
Please stop by my other blog Garboodles Soup
to find out a sweet story about a lovely doll that is here in her nursery.
Have a great day !!!


  1. Wow...that's all I can say is WOW! [I love the dolls sure, but those books....well, again. WOW]

  2. Oh what a blessed little girl to grow up surrounded with all that love and beauty!!!

  3. That is the cutest little girl's room I have ever seen! You did a fabulous job! Of course you may add me to your blog role......I'll add you as well!

    Have a wonderful Friday!


  4. That room is absolutely beautiful!

  5. May I please come to live with you and share the room. I'll be very quiet and put away anything I play with?
    Love the room!

  6. Such a delightful little girl's room...heck, I wouldn't mind it for myself! lol I just love it and can well imagine how magical it is for your daughter. xo

  7. very precious...what little girl wouldn't just love this..even a BIG girl...ahemmm,

  8. LOVE IT ALL! Beautiful!

    Lana G!

  9. I agree with the afore mentioned, and to have a grandfather able and willing to have made the chest for her.

  10. I love her room! But you've heard me mention that before. Her room is such a dream!

  11. What a fortunate little girl to have such a room! I am sure it gives her much joy:-)

  12. The nursery is awesome! I love that buggy and the antique bed. What a wonderful spot she has to dream her dreams.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a gorgeous and well thought out room! It must of been fun decorating it.:)
    I wonder what stories are behind all your treasures? It would be neat to know.

    I am trying to decorate my girls room. I am going for the Shabby Chic look. It looks so feminine and girly to me. (Which both of my girls are)

    My friend who loves Victorin would love to see this room. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the tour very much. :)

  14. well, I am speechless. or is it speachless (WHy why why did I never learn to spelllllll!!)--Everything is so beautiful===like a little fairy tale or tail or just kidding.

  15. What a beautiful, feminine, fun nursery, Mica! It's spectacular!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :o)

    P.S. The chaise lounge is PRECIOUS!

  16. I want a bedroom like this! What a very blessed little girl. It's gorgeous!

    Cathy :)

  17. Absolutely beautiful! You have done a wonderful job your daugther's room. I love the carriage. I had one similar when I was young. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. I love her nursery. How wonderful to have such a feminine room for your little girl. I love it when little girls are surrounded by little girl things!

    Thanks for sharing,

  19. Oh my! I want to be a little girl again! What a beautiful room, so many loving and sweet touches, I love it!

    P.s. I will have to look for the Sugar Cookie Sliegh Ride tea...yummy!

  20. This room you have created is Wonderful! She will have so many special memories from growing up in it!
    Sandra Evertson

  21. Wow, Wow, Wow, is that every little girls dream or what???

    Just found you today, I'll be back!

  22. that room is beautiful. I have always loved antique dolls, and you have done a wonderful job showing them off:)