Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts Kid....

Miss Bri recently started Mixed Martial Arts with Big Brother Vince. She was so happy to get to share something with him.

This will be a rewarding experience for them both to share. Miss Bri will get the help she needs by her big brother, whom she looks up to.

Even on her first day... she met a girl named Piper, the same age... Piper is also home schooled, even cooler !!! We are soon setting a play date with her.

Bri was a little nervous.. but she did very well... and has now gone several times since. She is enjoying the time there.
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  1. Hey...whu??? Is it actually gonna let me leave a comment? Did you change it? I used to have to register!

    Weee! Fun!

    Hey- I never heard back from you after my email. Hope it's going good. Love that top picture of Bri the martial artist. Her face's sheer Tony when you're describing Scampy's proceedures.... haaaaaaa