Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Spread The Love"

From earliest childhood,Victorians learned the value of friendship. Hand in hand, young girls ventured forth to gather wildflowers to press and make into gift cards; together they learned how to decorate the home and cook nourishing meals. They pored over ladies' magazines and studied their wardrobes, all the while forming strong bonds that would last them through courtship, marriage and the rearing of their own broods. Girlfriends were often called "Sister," implying heartfelt intamacy.

"Do You know what friendship is ? - Yes- it is to be as brother and sister, two souls which touch eachother without meeting, like two fingers on the same hand."
-Godey's Lady's Book
Dear Readers,
I designed this award to "Spread The Love" amongst all those you love !!! Please except the award and spread it around !!! Blessings to you ...

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