Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valentines Vintage Sock Monkey Sculptures.....

Dear readers. My son Vince, 13 years old, has been making these delightful clay Sock Monkeys for the past several years. I am giving a shout out for him to those interested in a special Sock Monkey for Valentines... He is now accepting orders.

Each Sock monkey has his own character in the old fashioned Vintage charm, each holding a heart. Sock Monkey's measure about 3 to 4 inches tall, all lovingly hand sculpted by my boy !!!

If you are interested or know someone who is please send me an e-mail. The monkeys in the pics. have been sold !! ..But, he can re-create the same look of course !!! Give a budding Artist a chance.

P.S. Each monkey costs $20.00 Shipping and handling are included in the price. Thank You so much for your support.


  1. Your son is very talented. The little monkeys are adorable, I love the last one!

  2. Those are absolutely AWESOME
    he's a talented young man

    I use to get those for Christmas
    as a girl, brings back fond memories.!!

    fondly, deena

  3. Vinnie
    I need one lyng on its stomach for my collection please. Also I never got my Saint Patricks Day Sock Monkey. Remember the one you said you made for me but never sent it?

    So there you go an order from Grama for 2 sock monkeys. One lying on its stomach and one holding a green 4 leaf clover okay?

    Congratulations Vinnie....That's my grandson!
    Love You
    Grama Patti

  4. Oh, they are so adorable! I am shocked that your son made them! What talent for such a young man! Good job!

    :0) Sharon

  5. If you google sock monkey and click on images Vinnie's sock monkey's are on the 7th page! Hot stuff!