Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welsh Costumes China Tea Cups.....

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This week I am sharing what I recently thrifted. I was checking out the tea cup section and found these lovely antique bone china tea cups of Welsh Costumes.

Well, # 1 I love Tea Cups , #2 I love Costumes and # 3 I love History. I guess being a doll maker, my eye is drawn to costumes and such. So I couldn't resist picking up the three delicate tea cups at .49 cents each. What a deal !!!

Here all the three cups and below are the front and back pictures.

I searched the net and found out they may possibly be dated back to the 1870's !!!! Which is exciting to me, for the love I have of the Ninteenth Century. The cup and saucer I found on the net was priced at about $60.00 !!!

The colourful scenes one of a young couple being brought household items by their neighbours as they are moving into their new house.You can see Brooms and chairs and all sorts of household goods being given to the young newly weds. The other scenes show Traditional Welsh Costumes.
And for a little fun here are some sweet images og Welsh National Costumes.

Have a Happy Week ahead !!! Hope to see you here again.


  1. They are absolutely gorgious ! You made a real good deal ! I also love the old pictures, can you imagine our kids dressed like that today, lol !

  2. Oh my goodness...are these super or what? I love 'em.

    My show n tell is posted. I'd love to have you visit me today. :o)

  3. Those Tea cups are really interesting, and pretty. I hope you keep them some place safe.

  4. What unusual cups!!! What a find.

  5. Mica,

    The cups are beautiful and a real treasure. You were lucky to find them at the thrift shop. I hope they bring you much pleasure. Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. Oh what treasures our local thrift stores hold!
    Love the teacups.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great find! The old photos are wonderful. I love the history behind things too. Thanks for sharing...

  8. I'm going to have to go to the thrift store -- I keep reading in today's S&T about great finds!!

  9. These are wonderful. A great Show and Tell.I'm with you on the love of the 19th Century. I do wonder about the origin of those hats! You must visit my friend Jennie, at
    She JUST started blogging and she lives in Wales. She shares much of the local color of the countryside and the history of the North of England and environs. Very interesting.

  10. You found some sweet cups! I love that you posted the photos of the costumes.
    Kathy b

  11. Those are great tea cups and those photos are fabulous.

  12. Well--those cups are very very different. The welch customs are a bit strange!! My husband's family descends from Wales--they actually inherited a castle! But turned it down. My daughter has a welch name--Eowyn and her daughter has a welch name-- Rhianwen! ps. I am trying to decide on a monkey sculpture.

  13. Thanks to Nancy for the link to my blog. These are gorgeous cups, and would be quite collectable here in Wales (perhaps more-so if they came complete with saucers). The handles with the little circle are the earlier cups - perhaps pre-1850 (I'll have to go and check my books). I love the scenes on them. One looks like a market scene - did the baskets have chickens inside them?

    Here in Wales on St David's Day (1st March) the school children still dress up in traditional Welsh costume, though the hats are a little modified on the size they were on these cups. They also compete in their school Eisteddfa - singing, reciting, playing musical instruments, folk dancing. Welsh is the first language of many families in this part of Wales.

  14. Those are amazing, Mica! You must have been very excited to find them!

  15. What a find! They are fabulous! I really like the neat scenes on them and that the designs go all around the cups. What a great score!

    :0) Sharon

  16. Hi....saw your lovely Welsh costume cups and tought I should send a message to let you know what I think they are. I have a Tea set identical to the 2nd and 3rd photos. They should be stamped underneath with the Gladstone mark and they will have been made in the Longton factory Stoke around the turn of the century or maybe even a little earlier, long since gone I,m afraid. I have just obtained the milk jug strangely enough from America to go with the set. All I need now is the sugar bowl!! Its a long search but we wil get there in the end. The cups are decorated with transfers and finished by hand. It was the first attempt at mass producing the colourful and decorative finish to the china. Enjoy them and just think of all that history they have seen.....Regards Alan