Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home School Amusement .....

What do your children do when they get bored ?? My son decided he would take apart an old VHS tape. OOh that sounds fun !!! Well he took it apart all right.. and had a good ole time looking at the parts and seeing how it works.. he is the hands on kind of child. anyway...

Miss Bri had to get in on it too !! It just looked too fun to pass up. She thought the tape was pretty darn fun.

Wow !! I'm not sure, but they played with the stuff for a good hour or two at least !!! You know it's like a child who gets a gift from someone and they play with the box. Who needs toys anyway when you can play with VHS tape !!!


  1. LOL! Kevin and I love these pictures!

  2. I Love these Kids! Donovan should ne there right in the middle!

    Love you