Monday, February 11, 2008

Learning To Crochette ....

Our friends Crystal and Kevin came over and spent the evening fellowshipping with us on Sunday. Crystal brought a little crochette project she was working on and gave Miss Bri a crochette hook. Miss Bri wanted to learn too !! So Crystal and Mama helped her with the basic chain to begin with.

It was a little frustrating to Miss bri at first.. but she eventually got the hang of the idea and was very happy with her efforts.Well so were we. It is a bit hard to teach a left hander how to crochette when we are right handers.. Miss Bri ended up doing it with her right hand.

Crystal continued working on her scarf, while we chatted and watched Miss Bri have the time of her life.

Sweet Auntie Crystal finished her scarf and gave it to Miss Bri..which made her extra happy. And if you can see Miss Bri made her dollie Anne a sweet little chain scarf too !!! She also made a braclet, an anklette and gave Crystal a braclet.

Thank you to Auntie Crystal for being so patient !!!


  1. Awe, I love this post! It was so special to be able to teach her something. I love to teach, I'm glad she was so into it. I remember it was hard for me at first too, I was about her age when I learned. So I remember the fascination and the struggle. Seeing her joy in learning, and then her creativity that followed made it all worth it!
    I had such a wonderful time at your place too!
    Love, Crystal

  2. Mica, could you take Bri's pick with the scarf? I like to save pictures of the projects I complete.

  3. What a wonderful Aunt Bri has! Sweet pictures and I wish her luck with her new hobby!

  4. I remembered when I was taught how to crochet a chain stitch by my mother. How my finger hurt, but now I can do granny squares. When things are so hectic around here, I would like to learn how to knit also.