Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The First Sign Of Spring.......

It was a very lovely day today here in the North West. the sun was shining and we peeked the first sign of Spring. Little flowers blossuming.
We went out and played, Mr.Darling washed the car. We spotted some hearts and ate berries while Miss Bri rode her bike.

miss Bri just got her training wheels off today too !!! Her friend Rachel decided to teach her to ride over the weekend. She wasn't ready last Spring.. now she is and I think she may need a new bike, since this one looks a wee bit small.

Her beloved companion looked out the window and wanted to share the afternoon with us..but, we couldn't let her come in the front yard, she gets all wakko out there. So, here she is depressed in the sunshine, behind the glass.

Miss Bri climbed her favorite tree and played a spell there.

it was a lovely afternoon in deed.


  1. What a lovely afternoon! I loved seeing the spring pictures, we've had some signs of springs too. :0)

  2. Can Bri get any cuter then that pic of her in the tree! I love it!

    I think if things still look really sunny out tomorrow too I'll go for a walk and take pictures too, and maybe weed the flower beds... if my hips allow.

    Love ya'll,

    PS Kudos to Bri for learning her bike!

  3. What a cute picture of my little granddaughter! She is so beautiful.

    Boy, the sunshine sure puts one in an energetic mood doesn't it?

    We are seeing signs of spring too. Our daffodils are coming up already.

    Looks like you had a fun day.
    Love You
    Mama Chickki