Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please Pray For Logan .....

Logans Mom e-mailed me saying :
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Logan has had his leg repaired by putting a rod through the bone marrow area, the right arm was repaired with metal plating and screws, ct scan shows that the pancreas was only bruised not damaged. Most recent ct scan of right arm hasn't come back yet. All in all he is doing very well. God is good.He will probably be here for another week followed by 3-4 months of recovery.Logan on crutches, this should be fun...-Cindy
Your prayers are so greatly appericiated and needed . Thank you so much !!!
My Son is home schooled also going to an Academy taking a computer Java programming class. One of his classmate friends, Logan was in a terrible car accident yesterday. These photos are pretty graphic and scary to any mother..
Thank God Logan survived but he is now in surgery to repair his femur, arm and hip.He has been in surgery for over 4 hours now... currently wearing a neck brace. They won't be able to x-ray his neck until after he stabilizes from the surgery. This was the first priority in order to prevent infection from his broken bones. As a mother and human. I am asking for prayer for this young man and his family. News as this has been troubling to my young teenage son who feels helpless for a friend in this condition. Thank you !!! Logan is the trapped young man in the dark green van.


  1. omg how i am praying for logan with all i've got inside me. from one mom to another with love.

  2. i'm glad i cleared that one up, your age not your birth date...ha ha
    and thanks for saying you are 'also' an artist,inferring that i am one too.... i am certainly not an artist, just love painting.... how is logan now?