Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's ART !!!!

Not only am I a full time Mama and home school, I am also an Artist in my spare time. I keep a studio in the corner of our garage.. or I just simply get everything out and do art work on the floor.

My sweet little shadow, Miss Bri also loves to do art work. She takes after her Mama. She'll walk in and say Mommy, Let's Art " !!! So today she asked if she could ART.. and that she did.

I aked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied " I wanna be a Mama and an Artist just like you". That's enough to make a Mama's heart melt !!!

I gave a her a lovely white piece of water color paper and brand new paint set and watched as she created her Spring time masterpiece. So beautiful !!!!


  1. She's so precious. I love your daughter dearly. It does melt my heart.

    Her art is great too. I love her colors!

  2. Lovely Work, My little sweet! You have an eye for Art and color just like your mamma!

    I Love you !

    Aunt Lori

  3. Abrianna - you paint as lovely as your name! I love how your flower grows as large as the rainbow. It has a big heart just like you.