Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Remember Laura Blog-A-Thon ( Quilted Memories)

Quill Cottage is hosting an " I Remember Laura Blog-A Thon"

"On Sundays Mary and Laura must not run or shout or be noisy in their play. Mary could not sew on her nine-patch quilt, and Laura could not knit on the tiny mittens she was making for Baby Carrie. They might look quietly at their paper dolls, but they must not make anything new for them. They were not allowed to sew on doll clothes, even with pins."

~Little House in the Big Woods, Chapter 5, Sundays~
~Laura Ingalls Wilder~


Welcome to week one of the "I Remember Laura" Blog-a-thon! This weeks theme is Quilted Memories. Laura and her sister, Mary, were started in the needle arts at a very young age. They learned to sew, quilt, knit, and stitch samplers. A simple quilt pattern they first learned to make was a pattern called the nine patch. This week we will share our own quilted memories by telling our stories and sharing pictures of our special quilts or quilt related items.

I remember as a young girl my Sister and I having Little House books. I would look at all the little drawings in them... With that fond memory and having a daughter of my own, we have been reading through all the Little House books which Laura Ingalls wrote. My daughter has grown quite a fondness to Laura, where she herself pretends she is a pioneer girl. She loves her quilt that covers her bed as it reminds her of how Laura and Mary were tucked in for their nights slumber beneath their quilt.

My daughters most prized quilt was not from our family tree.. we adopted it from junking. I am unsure of the age but know it is pretty old or it was surely well used and loved much. Each little hand stitch and fabric woven together makes me wonder who stitched this fine piece... who cuddled it on those cold Winter nights?

The quilt is so delicate with some tears from aging thin fabric yet, we love it all the more. My daughter likes to cuddle with it as she reads sometimes. For the most part is lays folded on her trunk where she can use it at a whim.


  1. Your daughter's quilt is precious. And byw, I love your cups at the bottom of your blog...I will have to look into that!!!

  2. What a beautiful "junk" find! My daughter is only 2, but I look forward to reading The Little House books together as well.

  3. Lovely post! We have many adopted family heirlooms in our home. They add such a depth and texture to our lives. I, too, wonder about who created them, who used them, and who loved them before us.

  4. Your blog is just lovely. I can't wait to return and peruse it at length.
    The crazy quilt pictured is wonderful.

  5. I remember those books.I still love Litt House On The Prairie.Glad my little niece does to.I love the old but I love the new to.
    Loves ya

  6. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Your little girl's quilt is so sweet.

  7. What a sweet story and your daughters quilt is such a special treasure!

  8. Hi Mica,
    I think it would be considered a single wedding circle.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. What a neat post! Your daughter's quilt is so special. Thank you for taking the time to share!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  10. Very sweet treasures... I am so glad that your daughters are enjoying the Little House books as much as you yourself did. They are quite incredible and a wonderful way to learn history.

  11. What a sweet quilted memory. Quilts don't have to come from our family line, they can be adopted and loved and treasured just as much! I too always wonder who made these adopted treasures and what stories the fabrics could tell if they were able. Thank you for sharing and for participating in the blog-a-thon.

    Miss Sandy