Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Study.....

This is a corner of our study... these lovely bookcases lovingly hold our many Theology books... well, they are all Mr. Darlings to reference when he needs for study. As many of you know, my husband works full time and attending Reformed Theological Seminary. Prayerfully he will be called to serve in our area in the next three years as a Pastor.

He has collected many of these books, some antiques, references and such... some were also left to him by his mentors through the years as well as willed to him when our dear friend Leonard passed away. We have many more books which are not pictured here. We should open a library. What a blessing for my husband to have such references for his future. He also has an extensive collection of Bibles in many different versions as well as Greek and Hebrew.

I will have to share some of these titles with you sometime.... there are many good reads here that will also be helpful for our children.

Oh I forgot... I also designed a Blog for him for Fathers Day ( Early) check it out here. Just click the picture to link you to his space.

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  1. Hey, so I didin't know you all were reformed ;-). Which seminary (spelling?) does he go to??? You mention Dr. M.L. Jones--love his work. His book on the Sermon on the Mount was one of the first my hubby and I read together after we were married.