Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camping In Leavenworth....

This last week the kids and I went camping with our friends in Leavenworth, a sweet little Bavarian town nestled in the mountains. The town has some great buildings and shoppes, with much to do and see. We didn't really go downtown this trip. Leavenworth is known for the largest Tanum Baum Shoppe with it's own Museum as well.

We stayed in this darling little cabin with a porch swing. I thought it was the cutest thing. That night we made smore's over a very smoky fireside.

My little girl thought it was just the neatest thing to sleep in a bunk..

( to top it all off, she slept on the top bunk )

She wrote in her diary and snuggled with her animals as she eventually slumbered the night away.
Well, not for long. My dear friends slept below us... snoring away which awoke the princess from her peaceful dreams. Ha Ha Ha. Well... it wasn't their fault. My son and I didn't sleep a wink that night... which made us a bit cranky the following day. Yes, I had to nap later that morning.

Later that afternoon we went to the nearby town of Cashmere to visit the delightful Candy Factory ( Aplets & Cotlets ). Filled with divine fruity yummies !!! We had a tour of the factory, how the candy was made and all the history behind the place.

After the tour we sampled the many flavors of what we also know as Turkish Delights. Notice my friend Kevin selling it up here !!! He would have made a great spokesman for the company !!

After the Candy Factory we went to this humongous Antique Shoppe and spent a good few hours at least!! By the end of that. We were really tired and really ready to go home from lack of sleep.

The kids had one last dip in the pool before our journey back home.

We were so glad to be home with Mr. Darling.
That night we slept soundly !!!


  1. What a fun little getaway.When you come back to Ca we will have a few of those.My friend snores and lets stinky farts at night,so I know how that feels,but you just make the best of it(hehehehehe)
    Call me SOON.
    Love Shawny

  2. What a fun getaway you had!!! I always have a problem sleeping the first night when I am away from home. Funny how that goes! I Love Turkish Delight, and apple flavoured Turkish Delight has to be awesome!

  3. I hate that sleep was so hard for all of us. I wish we could have had more fun together. But I know there are lots of other things happening these days that made the trip not work out, so I understand.

    I truly don't snore unless I'm sick, so it was just all bad timing for lots of reasons. (I didn't snore at your place when we had the garage sale, remember?)

    I'm sorry we couldn't have had more of an enjoyable time, it really made me kind of sad, but I'm trying not to think about that.

    I still have to post my pictures from the trip. I'll probably do that on my facebook, and tomorrow as I have PT today.

    I love you!

  4. What fun! I love to visit Leavenworth. It's a great day trip for us. We actually honeymooned there, but haven't taken the kids yet.

    Glad you had fun.