Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday To My Little Girl.....

Little girls are precious gifts like birds and brooks and streams...Their hair is tied up with ribbons and bows...Their hearts are tied up with dreams...

She is our princess we must confess,

she laughs and plays and makes a mess.

She giggles a lot and tickles us pink,

she can get into trouble in a single blink.

She runs and sings and twirls around,

but when she gets mad she stomps the ground.

She is our princess we have confessed,

good and bad we know we’re blessed.

A daughter is a dream come true.
Pink lace, ribbons, fluff and froufrou,
Giggles, kisses, bubbles and bows,
She's such a sweet dear from her head to her toes!

My daughter how you're growing and changing every day;
Some day you'll be too busyto dance, and sing, and play.
It seems like only yesterday I rocked you in my arms;
and though a tiny babyI was captured by your charms.
Then in the blinking of an eye a toddler walked to me,
Those days too are gone now but oh, how can that be.
Now when I look at you a little girl I see,with grown up dreams and wishes playing make-
Too soon you will be all grown up,but my pride will never end.
For I'll always be your Mother and I hope your dearest friend.
Wishing you the bestest birthday... We love you !!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to Bri!! I just know it was or will be the best one ever!

  3. thanks for visiting my home schooling blog
    Happy Birthday to your daughter
    hope she has a lovely day

  4. Happy Birthday to my princess niece!!
    I cant believe how fast its going.She is so pretty :)
    Hope she had a great day.
    Love Shawny