Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Many Men Does It Take To Find An In-N-Out Burger?

Once upon a time in the deep gloomy sticks

of the Northwest where there were

no good Burger joints to be found, three brave souls set out on a journey in search of an


They have heard of this one of a kind franchise, but had to travel thousands of miles to get to one.

They boarded an Alaska Airlines that would fly them to the Sunny side of California where all

the action was, at least that's what they were told.

After hours of turbulence and really bad service, they landed in a city of Palm Trees where the sun shone brightly as they have never seen before.

After the long flight they picked up the get away car that was left for them through
( If I told you who they were... I would have to kill you)

Paulie drove the getaway car to "The Secret Place" in search of an ancient map which would lead them to this glorious In-N-Out place.

Tony & Stan sat in the offices of WSC pleading their case for a good burger. They were not about to let down until WSC would hand the map over to them.

The WSC Administrator was hesitant to leave this ancient map to a bunch of loony guy's from the sticks.
Would he budge?

With much persuasiveness and to their complete surprise.
The Administration handed over the map.

Tony and Stan planned and plotted for hours over the map that would lead them to a good thing. Road block after road block they went in circles. Stan was at his wits end with the whole quest, he was certain he would never taste the golden animal burger he had always dreamt of. Tony, who was always the positive one told Stan not to give up, he could smell it from there.

Tony made a phone call to the WSC administration,

asking them to send in the 'BIG GUNS".

An hour later " The Big Gun" showed up.

Tony went over the whole plan of action, how they have gone in circles and how the magnificent burger joint should be at the very location they stood.

"Big Guns"
looked over the map for himself

He pointed out to Tony, he was right!!!


should be right there at that very location.

Even, "Big Guns" couldn't figure out why they couldn't see it.

Until Stan looked up and saw in HUGE red letters In-N-Out and a big yellow arrow pointing to the door....

He chuckled over at the guy's,

" We just had to look up, that's all"

Uh, don't we feel silly now?

They turned around and ran as fast as they could to satisfy their longing pallet...

It was GOOD after all.

In-N-Out,In-N-Out, That's what a hamburgers all about !!!

Soon after Tony decided he liked a good thing, so he decided to stay for a while.


  1. Very funny! I hope it was worth it. I feel the same way about "Runza" hamburgers (and fries) in Lincoln.

  2. Delightful entry Mica! I really enjoyed it!

  3. Wow...lunch with the famous or shall I say infamous Dr is in like flinn...I would say....LOL

    we will look for him on sunday....blessings on your move