Monday, September 1, 2008

Mother Like Daughter....And Son Too....

If you knew my relationship with my daughter you would say she was like my "Mini Me". She looks like me, she has curly hair and big eyes like me but all in a smaller version. She say's when she grows up she wants to be a Mommy and an Artist like me... and when she gets married she will live with us and never leave home.
I think that is the sweetest ever. Tonight we played make-up and took some funny pics of each other. Then I took the photos into Photo Shop. It was really fun just being silly with my little me.

Then my son decided he wanted to get in on the fun too, he took some really fun shots of himself. We had fun being creative together tonight !!!

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  1. How wonderfully creative! I have photoshop and I really need to sit down one and explore all the possibilities!