Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tacoma Glass Museum Part II

Inside the Glass Museum was pretty neat. They rotate the actual Art gallery every so often to showcase Artist pieces. There were some really neat pieces. Yet, we were not allowed to photograph in the gallery itself. So, you have to take my word for it.
These were some pieces that could be photographed. Including the gift shop.... pieces range in price from 40.00 to hundreds of dollars !!!
This was inside the Metal cone where you get to see how blown glass pieces are actually made.

Plus it is super HOT in there... so be sure to dress appropriately if you ever visit. It's in the 100's in there.

The process of a piece takes a whole team working together just to make one margarita glass. It was really fun to watch the whole process live. One margarita glass can sell for about $50.00 !!!

The only thing that we could afford as a souvenir were post cards and these sweet glass ladybugs !!! I got two !!! woo hoo !!!

It was a really fun time spent with friends before we move !!! So if your in the Great Northwest, be sure to make a field trip of this place, it is really fun !!!!

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