Friday, September 12, 2008

We're Almost Finished !!!

The first room to be completely packed was my daughter's. It was a lot of work since she seems to be the one with the most stuff. My friend Susan and I took down her bed. I looked so empty. Even Missy ( Our Dog) looked a bit confused as to why her bed was against the wall. Missy has slept in my little girls bed ever since we brought her home.

We have been non stop packing for the most part... taking all the packed boxes into the garage , which will hopefully help out the movers on Tuesday !!!

Yup !!! We are only a few days away from leaving our little home here in the Great North West. I can't believe it !!! I plan to drive me, the kids and the dog all the way, with short breaks and Hotel nights. Soon to be in the arms of Mr. Darling once again !!! There is still much work to be done. Saturday will be a big work day as Church friends are coming over to help with the yard and last minute things. The house will be prepared to rent out to someone. I pray to find someone suitable to stay here while we are away. More to come !!!
P.S. Part II of The Glass Museum coming as soon as I get the pics. from my friends camera !!!


  1. Wow, you've been busy! I hope the packers appreciate what you've done. I was going to let you know about a drawing I'm having but it looks like you have your hands to full to stop by. Good luck with everything Mica. What a gracious lady you've been with all this transition going on.

  2. Hey Mica.. I can't believe all the changes that are taking place and all so fast.. :) I will actually by flying with the boys to my parents house in the OC the end of this month, and I will be there until the end of October. If your not to busy I would love to meet up for lunch. I will email you my cell number so maybe we can hook up.. I love Rutabegorz and would love to treat you and kids to lunch.. :) The one in Fullerton has a park and museum right next door, if your interested.. Let me know.. :) Blessings- Jen

  3. WOOOHOOOO!!!!
    CANT WAIT to have you back,you have no idea how I have missed you.I look forward to being close sissys again
    love ya and see ya soon!!!!!
    Love Shawny

  4. dearest Mica,
    I just wanted to send you my best wishes for your new adventure. Your in my thoughts and prayers for a safe and smooth trip. Do take goode care friend. Hope to hear from you when you get settled.


  5. Bless your heart Mica. I am so proud of you handling all of this by yourself (with the help of your friends). I am sure Tony is dying to see you but please be careful and drive slow do not speed. We want you there in ONE piece.

    Looks like you have it all under control and once again I am so proud of you!

    Love you all
    Please call me when you get there.

    We are leaving for CA on Sept 17th for papa Roosters 50th class reunion ...hey...we might see each other on the way. HA! wouldn't that be funny?
    Love you, love you, love you!!!
    Mama Chickki