Monday, September 8, 2008

We Got The Home.. Now We Must Move....

Great news !!!
We got the house from the previous post !!!
Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family for your prayers. I just can't wait to get everything all packed up and move to a new home. This will be quite an adventure.
Well this house is 2000 square feet, with wood and tiles floors, carpeting in the bedroom. There are three bedrooms, office, schoolroom, studio, large back yard and two car garage. It's only a short little five minute walk for Mr. Darling to go to school!!!
Praise God !!! It will be just right for our little family as my dear Hubby studies.
Today a couple of friends came over and helped me pack a bunch of boxes.... There is already a huge noticeable dent in the house thus far with packed boxes all in the garage. It is so crazy to see how much one accumulates in just a few years !!! Especially when it's your own family. Well. I will keep y'all posted with our news and move which could very well be after this coming weekend.
Thank you again for the prayers and your warm thoughts of our new beginning.
P.S The lovely pillows in the pictures are made by a blog artist friend from Red Shoes.. I don't own them... Just want them. hee hee.


  1. FAntastic news Mica! Good luck on the move. HOpe it all runs smoothly!

  2. Yeah!!!! The house seems like up your alley.It will be great whn you put your stamp on it.Counting the days....SOOOOO excited to see you soon
    Love ya Shawny

  3. God provides! I'm glad to know things aren't so stressful now regarding housing.


  4. God is good all the time....happy that you got the looks real nice.

    So will you be coming here in a few weeks....

    waiting your arrival...