Friday, October 10, 2008

Proud Mama .......

For some time my son has thought, what he can possibly do as a job since he is not old enough to work in the public. He, like many teens like to buy gadgets and what not... that Mama's can't always buy. So the best way for that, was for him to think of something he is good at, while giving him a little pocket change.
So, once he figured out all the goodies on Photoshop, he went to work and designed these two banners for my blog. I just adore them. If you know me, I am a doll artist from
I love antique china dolls and incorporate little china doll heads in much of my work. So these banners tickled my fancy.
I really think he has talent, a good eye and to top it off he has nice taste.
Even at home... he picks his clothes, decor, music etc... and I am pleased with it all.
So we decided that he could open his own Etsy Shoppe to sell his custom banners. I am such a proud Mama right now and had to share with you his little endeavor. He is ready to make custom orders for people with their own particular likings as well....
Please if you can spread the word for my talented 14 year old son, he has opened his Shoppe called
(which he named himself and I think it is a cleaver one.)
Click Victorious Banners to see his shoppe.
If you would like a custom banner for you blog, please inquire here or e-mail him at
Thank you so much !!!!!


  1. He should design a badge that those of us willing to link to his store can post on our blogs to hopefully pull some traffic his way.

    I've added his store as a favorite on my Etsy profile, and I'll add it to my arts and crafts section when I fix it up.

    Again, kudos Vince for your talented work! I can see why your momma is so proud!

  2. Hey Vinnie...this is great news. I think it is a wonderful idea and your prices are very affordable.

    Love you honey boy
    Grama Patti