Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Farm Fun !!!!

Today the kids and I took a field trip to Bates Nut Farm. A quaint little place nestled in the hills about 10 miles from our place. It had a huge pumpkin farm and gift shop filled with yummy stuff !!!!
We enjoyed a hay ride around the vicinity, took some memorable pictures, played in the heaps of pumpkins and enjoyed our time together.

The kids had a fun time here. My son gave his sis a ride in the big wheel barrow and had a silly time posing in these funny photo props.

Another highlight was the great pumpkin search.... They picked out their perfect pumpkin which will later be carved into Jack-O-Lanterns.

These pumpkins were gigantic !!!!

Took a short rest ......

And off to the gift shop where we found yummy candies
and Halloween decor right up my alley !!!

We bought some scrumptious candies and Pumpkin bread mix to bake some delicious loaves at home. We had a great day at the farm, a place where I would surely visit again !!!!


  1. The crafts truly are right up your ally, Mine too! :) I just love these pictures, and I can't wait to go!



  2. What a fun day! WE don't have anything like that over here!

  3. Lovely photos! What a beautiful place!

  4. Mica...I love all these photo's!! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time. Love your photography, nice touch!!

  5. Mica...this is a fun place....for Christmas they have it all decked out will want to see it.

  6. The pumpkin farm was always my favorite field trip as a little girl:) It looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

  7. How fun!!!
    Glad you are settling in there.
    Love You
    Mama Chickki

  8. Glad to see you've been having such fun my dear. I've been pretty sick and out of it. (Hey, Vinnie tried to send us a song but it wouldn't pull up?) :(

    Love ya,