Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scrumpciodicious Pumpkin Bread...

If you know us we like our desserts. My daughter is known as the Cookie Monster. She also likes to bake. As a part of our Home School Economics, I have been teaching her how to bake things like cookies and breads. She loves to choose an apron from our collection and go to work.

We got this yummy Pumpkin Bread Mix at the Pumpkin Patch the other day. You just add the eggs, oil and pumpkin to the mix, fold and bake for an hour.

The house was filled with a scrumciodicious aroma, which certainly gave me a feeling of Fall in the air. And, what's perfect to serve on a chilly yet very blustery evening with your dessert ?

Ahhhh yes, orange colored cocoa, just enough to warm your bones and put you in the mood for coming holidays. Join me Friday for Show & Tell Friday as I share these dishes which were given to me by my Grandmother.

Happy Fall !!!

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  1. That looks really good Mica! I always loved baking with my babies!